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Ep68: The Attack on Isreal

Today we talk about the terrorist attack on Israel that happened over the weekend and some things that we can take as lessons to apply to our own lives in the much more relatively stable areas. We live in without a lot of work, but would potentially large positive consequences.

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Ep66: Gov Shutdown, Strikes, and S&P 100 Hiring in 2021

Today we talk about come current events. I discussed what I told my daughters about the government shutdown, what I think about the UaW strikes against the Detroit Three Automakers, and Bloomberg’s Blockbuster report that companies in the S&P 100 hired 94% non-white workers in 2021 post the George Floyd murder and related BLM Rioting.

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Ep63: Permaculture Basics

In this podcast we review the permaculture design basics including the Prime Directive, Ethics, and a quick overview of the first few principles. Permaculture is a design science that strives to create a circular economy within the systems we utilize while implementing the basics of agricultural design. For example we are trying to break the linear consumption model and design systems that have a greater output than input, even if that output is measured over a long period of time, like a nut tree’s production

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