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Ep43: why you might super size your solar installation

Today we talk about a few of the benefits of oversizing your solar off grid system during the initial installation, and how that could save you time and money in the future. Also keep an eye out for the Kickstarter for Solar Water Pumping

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Ep 36: Comparing chickens and ducks on the Homestead

Today I talk about the primary differences between raising chickens and raising ducks on the Homestead. And Muscovy ducks were the thing that I could not think about during the podcast. I literally remember the name right as I was hitting end on the recording.

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Ep35: recycle bad ideas into good ideas

Today I talk about an idea that I had while listening to a different podcast that I answered an expert panel question on that related to send batteries. My general idea it was that it was a bad idea, but there were ways to strip the bad parts out and recycle the good parts into a good idea.

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