Hack My Homestead: Off Grid Solutions for an On Grid World

System Design

  • Solar Power Systems
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Groundwater management
  • Greywater recycling
  • Blackwater management


  • Need help figuring out your solar power system?
  • What’s wrong with my system?
  • I’m so confused my brain hurts…Help!!!

Why Shawn Mills?

I empower DIY-minded people to increase their self sufficiency and personal liberty by taking control of their utilities. I will take your specific needs and design a full system utilizing appropriate solutions for your specific problems, help you source components, and provide tech support while you install or work with a contractor of your choice. Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Rainwater, Groundwater, or Wastewater Management–I’ll help you create a customized, budget-conscious plan that aligns with your goals and values.

What You Need to Know to Evaluate Your Solar PV Potential

What You Need to Know to Evaluate Your Solar PV Potential

This ebook walks you through the foundational knowledge needed to
understand PV systems and to evaluate your property to
determine its solar potential and set an initial budget for the

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