You may be here because you have heard that is the new home for Hackmysolar. Here is the story of how we got here, from there.

My day job is not solar consulting or homesteading. I run operations for an industrial construction company. Over the course of 2022 that company had multiple changes, including our president being fired, one of our owners dying, and losing our #1 customer. This meant that 2022 was not a busy year for hack my solar because I just didnt have the time to take on many new projects. I decided in March to shut down the website and just focus on closing out a few design projects that I had in the backlog. I picked up a few word of mouth referrals over the year but by and large the business was shut down.

Unfortunately during this time I let the domain registration lapse and someone swooped in and purchased the domain. Around the time this was going on, both of my parents were in the hospital, in two different states, with serious illnesses. Then the matriarch of my wife’s family died, then my stepmother died leaving my paraplegic father home alone. My mother’s illness forced her to give up her apartment in Panama City, so I went down to pack her stuff up and move her stuff out.

I have always been a hard charger but 2022 whooped my butt personally and professionally and at the end I decided that it was time for a reboot. Instead of trying to track down the new owners for hack my solar and pay their extortion money, I decided to rebrand to and expand to more diversified content. I will still cover solar and alternative energy related ideas and solutions but will also talk about water collection and conservation, gardening and aquaponics, hydroponics, raising animals, and whatever else tickles my fancy.